Friday, March 20, 2009

Extra Work

Today I'm going to upload for you some worksheets. Click on the link. I've taken the worksheets form, but I've adapted them according to the level of my class. Click on the link to start download.
Most handouts have the first page as the exercise, and the second page is the answer sheet, for you to keep.

Math Skills :

Write this number in figures.

Addition squares.

Going round in fives (very good training for multiplication tables)

Going round in fours

Skip counting in threes and fives.

Maths facts, 10 and under.

Skip counting in fours.

Language skills :

Animal nouns.

Place nouns.

Thing nouns.

This weekend's homework....

This weekend they have

1) Malti Ħendawt nru 20. Agħmluha kollha.

2) English: Green book exercises (please consult the diary)

3) Maths subtraction sums on Maths copybook 4.

Next week we shall start divisions, so it will be good if children revise the multiplication tables over the weekend.

Thanks, and have a nice weekend.


My class is full of promising young footballers. So, one of our literacy books is this :

I told the children that next Tuesday we shall be having a football-themed day. They are to come in their P.E kits or their football gears. No shinguards please. IF it's cold, they can wear a poloneck under the football kit or wear a tracksuit over it. I also asked them to look for newspaper cuttings regarding football, please look in the Sunday papers as there will be quite a lot of football coverage.

We shall write about this book, talk about favourite players, talk about training, the roles of managers and coaches, famous teams etc...I will also show them video clips of famous players doing their magic on the football pitch, as well as football funny moments. I will post these movies here after the lesson, so you can talk about the lesson with your children.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday's outing.

So yesterday, blessed with a magnificent sun, we set off to Valletta, our capital city.

Our first stop was just outside Valletta, to the public library. We were shown round the different sections. We learnt two new words 'reference' and 'Melitensia'.

Here are two great boys sharing a Narnia book.

Here we are being shown the reference section. Hush!! Be quiet! There are people studying....

Run up the hill to Hastings Gardens in Valletta...for a little bit of lunch under the shade. Bliss.

Off to the Traditional Arts and Crafts museum nearby to meet some people from another era.

And more....

Back to hastings gardens for some fun. Look at all those happy faces!

Walking back on the bridge above City Gate, some eagle eyes spotted our town from afar....'Look Miss! It's the hospital!'

Passed through St.James'Cavalier, and we saw an modern sculpture exhibition about Urbanisation. Very interesting and thought provoking.

Whoa! Barrakka Gardens. Packed with tourists and excited school children. This week we touched the war subject, so what a better view to end our journey...Now we can see where the Great Siege happend and where the crippled SS Ohio entered...Children were very excited to see something they watched on a very old movie.

There you have it...the most beautiful.

Next week we'll be doing some work connected with this outing. So stay tuned.
I did not give any homework, poor children were too tired to take any more homework.
(We'll make up for it soon enough....)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In-numri bil-Malti. 9 - 11.

Mit-2 sal- 10 xi drabi ngħaqqdu T man-numru u I man-nom fil-plural.

Żewgt iċriev.

Tlitt ijiem.

Erbat ifniek.

Ħamest iklieb.

Sitt iħbieb.

Sebat ibliet.

Tmint itfal.

Disat isriep.

Għandhom ix-xogħol tad-dar fuq il-Malti lingwa grammatika.

Week 2 Day 2. The Maths lesson.

Today we did some sums on the interactive whiteboard.

There are only a couple of pupils who aren't fluent in these sums, we still have another couple of days doing them. Hopefully by Friday there won't be any problems with anybody.

Next week we are doing division sums. Would be good if you revised the multiplication tables at home.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Book Club

On the left hand side of this blog, I will add a list of books I own. I have loads of books I need to put on my virtual shelf. If any parents would like to borrow a book (and do take care of them as if they were your own children...or else :XD ), feel free to send me an email or a note. I'd be most happy to share my books with people who are book lovers like me. Please note that most of the books are for adults not for children.

The New Subtraction Sums.

This week we are doing new subtraction sums.

I hope you'll find them easy to work out.

Here goes :

13 - 7 = 6

13 -
3 - 4

10 - 4 = 6

There are the steps on the Maths study copybook. :)

New Week- Day 1. Maltese Lesson.

Fil-Malti illum għamilna l-istorja ta' Ġesu' li tinsab fuq id-Denfil paġna 55.

Rajna dan il-film qasir fuq din l-istorja. Dan hu bl-ingliż, iżda jgħin lit-tfal jifhmu l-istorja aktar.

Għad-dar iridu jikbtu paragrafu fuq il-Malti kitba.

'Immaġina li int kont dixxiplu fuq id-dgħajsa ma' Ġesu'. Irrakkonta l-istorja u għid x'ħassejt'.

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