Friday, October 19, 2012

a) Be very afraid. b) First Game design

So today, we went on, and using the teacher's login (children will have their own usernames and passwords on Monday- serious F.U.N, seriously) we used what is known as the 'mashcam.
We had loads of fun doing this activity.
ICT Aims : Using the internet to find a webpage (this was peanuts for my children...just awesome)
          Finding the right activity
          Using camera
          Resizing font so that all the text fits into a window
Language Aims : Usage of adjectives, writing in the first person, use of humour, adapting a given text to make it one's own.

And here they are (brace yourselves, things might get a bit horrible)

We had to put some machines on charge, so we went out for a much-needed P.E lesson and a run in the fresh air of the yard. We played onġionġella too, to keep in the worms, spiders and squashed rats theme. Back in class, the children created their own .swf games. Here is the link to them. They had to choose the colours, those who had difficulty in spelling the colour names had to look them up. Different tools were used. Some children even imported the cover picture of the cards. They also had to save their work on their drives. Find your games in this album here. Please click on the first one, then hit the left/right arrow until you find yours x

Enjoy your weekend. I have a throat to rest. Don't make it work so hard next week. 

x miss C

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thank-you and well-done!

A big thanks to all my pupils today, you really worked hard. Today we finished a book 'Otto's family'. All of you took great care to write lovely sentences. In Maths, I can see most of you now are counting back without the use of the number-grid. Great work!
Also, you wrote the Maltese comprehension without much huffing and groaning. That was refreshing. 
So here...I can't give you any sweets because of our healthy eating policy, but you can share these amongst yourselves :D
The ones who are extra good, for a long period of time, will be borrowing my constructa-bot car to take home and (please) bring back the next day for someone else. Today two very good boys borrowed it, let's see who gets it tomorrow. 

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