Saturday, April 6, 2013

kurt friggieri

I like maths and English and


This is my favorite game   

Treasure hunt

Today I am going for an outing with scouts of Birkirkara we are going to do a treasure hunt.

Mini Craft

My  favourite game is Minicraft. I like to play it all the time. There are many types of Minicraft games. Here is a photo.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ranya's take on the day

Today at school I had fun 


Kurt Friggieri loves Milan

I like the Milan team they are good in games they don't lose a game

From Kurt

Hello Everyone!
 I like football  and I play with Birkirkara fc I like  that  team. Do you like football Miss? Miss I like you too. 

My first post

My favourite game on the computer is Club Penguin. On Club Penguin you can do alot of stuff like play  with your puffle. Now I am going to show you one picture.

From Ahmad

Thank  you  for  this  wow it's so cool!

Today's Journal


Dolphins are not fish. They are mammals.
This means they have to swim up to the air to breathe.
Dolphins are very intelligent mammals.
Mummy dolphins teach their babies to swim in shallow water.
Dolphins live in the sea and we should keep the sea clean!

Hello I am Ahmad

My name is Ahmad Zina and I come from Birkirkara. I like Skylanders.

Hello there!

My name is Mattia Agius and I am in Year 3.1.
I love Mushi Monsters.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Update

May I gently remind all of you to have a gmail account ready. 


Update 1 Animal Tails

Update 2 My Day

Update 3 Carnival

Update 4 Maths Week Activites

Update 5 Healthy Week

Big Mega Update 5 - Healthy Week

Big Mega Update 4 - Maths Week Activities

Big Mega Update 3 - Carnival .gif's and books

Big Mega Update 2 - My Day

Big Mega Update 1 - Animal Tails.

Here is the work I was meant to upload since January. Hope you'll get to see it :)

Today our teacher showed us a video and it was about space.   In the video there was lightning volcanoes , green  and  blue. I liked the blue and the green and  even the song that plays during the video. There are a lot of clouds and stars , sometimes lightening and some times not. and there is orange.and there are lights of the streets. I like space a lot because it looks beautiful.

I love space videos.

These are not people from our class. These are the evil pirates from Blackbeard's ship. Look at the eyeballs on the desk! I am sure they are thinking about some treasure island. Harr!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This Easter I went to lunch at  my grand mothers.

Everyone got me and my sister  Easter eggs.  

In the evening, mum took as to the swings.

and our best friend came for a sleep over.


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