Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Class on PBS news.

Click here to watch our class, my fabulous children on the news. Big well done to all of you. The children didn't have much briefing on what to say, as you all know, I sent you all an e-mail to behave and smile, and talk nicely. You outdid all my expectations. Am so proud of you. Monday's a treat day for you all. (erm...I don' t mean no homework or no lessons....just something nice for you in store)
Thanks a lot xxx You are the best class in the world.

This Weekend's Homework.

This weekend, the homework's really easy.

From way ahead :

Put the words in ABC order.

If you want to practise more on ABC order, here's a funky game. You have to whack the moles until you get all the Alphabet, one after the other.


Then you have Pete and Polly. Pete and Polly need to be coloured in. Follow the instructions, it's easy.

His and Her.

His = things that belong to a boy.
Her = things that belong to a girl.

Maths homework.

On your PCM, pages 1 and 2. If you get confused, follow the number chart on the first page.


Write NEATLY...and slowly.
If you want to practise more of the same letters on the copybook, I won't mind at all :)

Buy the papers tomorrow and do watch the news tonight.... :)


To all the parents and children who have made today's success possible.

You have worked so hard at learning how to work your emails and I am so proud of you.

The Prime Minister, Mrs. Gonzi and the Minister of Education are very proud of you too. You behaved well, and you answered politely.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Illum it-tfal tajthom l-email address tagħhom. Dan jinsab miktub fuq id-diary. Illum, peress li hu l-Erbgħa, m’għandhomx homework għalhekk jekk tinzertaw qegħdin fuq il-kompjuter tistgħu tgħinuhom jużaw l-email tagħhom.

Imxu pass pass fuq dawn l-istruzzjonijiet.

Morru fuq

Agħfsu fuq din :

Wara tiġik din :

Quddiem il @ it-tfal jiktbu l-email address li għandhom fuq id-diary.

Fil kaxxa tal-Password, iktbu l-password skont kif qegħda fuq id-diary.

Wara jagħfsu Enter u jidħlu.

Issa meta jidħlu fil-mail tagħhom ser isibu email mingħandi. Jistgħu jiprattikaw billi jagħfsu

u jiktbuli lura.

Xi wħud ser isibu emails mingħand sħabhom. Biex twieġeb lura lil min bagħtlek trid tagħfas fuq din .
Wara li tikteb il-mail (it-tfal imqar jiktbu ‘hello kif int’ biss), agħfas fuq

U l-email titlaq fejn tridha int. Attenti li tittajpawn l-email u l-password sew.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's homework.

Denfil Aqra P. 7 u 8.

Wieġeb il-mistoqsijiet fuq il-Pitazz tal-Malti taħriġ.
~(għal lum qed nagħmlu eżerċizzju ħafif, sabiex it-tfal isiru jafu jfittxu t-tweġibiet. 'Il quddiem jibda' jitqal ix-xogħol)

Maths Abacus Workbook 2 page 3. Children have to fill in the missing numbers.

English Study copybook.: children have the English alphabet written on the copybook. They have to find words that start with each letter from the Way Ahead Workbook.


a is for apple.
b is for banana
c is for cake

they can also write their names when their letter comes along.

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