Friday, April 3, 2009

Homework for the weekend.

Maths Handout : Colour the Fractions.
Malti Hendawt : Kliem imqallbin irrangawhom f'sentenzi.
Way Ahead Work Book p. 89

**Don't forget

Study your tables. You will be tested on your divisions (same as last test) Here is a good page to print to study your tables (2,4,6,8 etc)

You have them on the maths study copybook already, and some of you have the tables songs too. Really...there is no excuse not to know them. You need to know the x2 x3 x4 x5 x10 x11. Click on picture for larger image. Study animal names.

Valletta Outing Movie, Made by the Pupils.

Here is the video I told you about yesterday. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Tomorrow we shall have our lady of sorrows mass at St.Helen's Basilica at 11.00 a.m.

NEW movie coming out soon.

Today we had so much fun doing a photostory about our Valletta outing. I think it (the video making) was a fun way to learn about our traditions. We didn't manage to finish, because unfortunately, there's always somebody who manages to waste us half hour out of every two....there's a few slides left. Bear with us, you'll see it tomorrow.

Possessive Nouns.

Today we did a lesson on

Mine- yours - his -hers- ours- theirs.

Look up the notes on the English Study Skills copybook.

For homework please do page 42 of the green book, exercise 3.

This is your book. This book is yours.

They also have Way Ahead Workbook page 88.

When you have three words starting with the same letter, and you have to put them in ABC order (alphabetical order) you have to look at the second letter.

e.g : sWing sLide sNake

Abc order they would come :



This lesson was more of a revision, as all the work was done last term. Homework is on PCM Pages 41 and 41b.

Page 41 : Write the fraction. If one part out of four is shaded, you write 1/4

Page 41b : The same as 41 but with more fractions. Ex 1 out of 7....the same concept should be used.

Religion Homework.

Illum tajthom nota fuq il-Madonna tad-Duluri. Kulma jridu jagħmlu hu li jsibu stampa.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To study for next week....

Please start studying the animal names on Way Ahead Pupil's book pages 106 and 107.


For those who might forget the book at school this week...I suggest you copy the words on a separate sheets of paper. Later on I will give study tips.

The words are these

Eagle, brown bear, rabbit, camel, panda, tiger, elephant, snake, parrot, monkey, polar bear, whale, crocodile, giraffe, zebra, hippo, koala, kangaroo, shark and penguin.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rożina u l-Lupu.

Ħafna minnkom ma ġewx skola llum, għalhekk hawn hu x-xogħol.

Pitazz Malti taħrig.

Aqra l-istorja mid-denfil 'Rożina u l-Lupu'


1. X'jisimha l-istorja?

2. Fejn bagħtitha lil Rożina l-mama'?

3. X'kellha n-nanna?

4. Ma min iltaqgħet Rożina?

5) X'għamel il-lupu?

6) X'qalet Rożina? (Kemm għandek ....)

7) X'ried jagħmel il-lupu?

8) Min salvaha lil Rożina?

9) X' tagħlima nieħdu minn din l-istorja?

10) Pinġi l-qoffa u uri x'kont tieħu int lin-nanna

U talli għamiltu x-xogħol, hawn video bl-ingliż tal-istorja, jispiċċa naqra differenti.

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