Friday, April 19, 2019


Respect is treating other people the way you would like to be treated. 
Many people in the world call this 'The Golden Rule'.
When teaching respect, it is important to teach children that respect is speaking nicely, listening, being  honest, being responsible, honest, helpful and polite
The most important thing, though, is to model respect

Adults must show respect to each other so that children will know what it feels like to be around people who respect each other. 
Respect is not only shown to other people but also to the environment, animals, other people's property. 
Here is what we do in our respect lesson.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Present

Imagine a puppy teaching you resilience. 
 A disabled boy spends his day playing violent games in a dark room. 
His mother brings him a present. 
Watch the rest here : 

Thoughts from our children:
The little puppy played around and whenever he stumbled he got up again. 
The little puppy did not give up on the boy when he tossed him away. He kept on pursuing him until he gave in. 
The puppy taught the boy a new side to life, being outside in the garden, in the sun, and throwing a ball instead of throwing weapons in a computer game. 
Puppy has three legs, but he still plays around as if he has four. He shows the boy that you can still be happy and live life to the full even if you face difficulties in life. 

Here is the original comic strip on which the animated short was based.  Click on the picture so you can enlarge it. 

Meet Mike

What does a speaker do when they want everybody to listen to them? 
They hold a mike!

Well we don't have just any ordinary mike, we have The Mike. Mike Wazowski. When we hold Mike, everybody stops talking and listens to us. Mike comes to table with us during Circle Time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Everyone is different.
Some children are short; some are tall.
Some are good at sports; others do great in Maths.
Even twins are not exactly the same.

We only have one thing in common;

Treat everyone the same as you want them to treat you. Love everyone, help everyone, respect everyone.

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