Thursday, April 2, 2015

Last Day of School before the Easter Holidays.

It was a fun day full of activity. How I wish all days to be like this!
In the morning we had a visit from a friend of ours and a writer, Elizabeth Ebejer. She loves writing short stories and she wrote one just for us. It was called 'Figolla ta' Qattus'. We loved it and we talked about creative writing and the process of making traditional figolli. I think both processes have many things in common, the preparation of ingredients, getting your ideas sorted out, following a process, testing the end result, fixing mistakes and sharing your work. Elizabeth gave us a handout with a 'cat figolla' on it and we're going to write our short story on stay tuned, I'll put some stories here :)

Back in class, we had Maya's birthday cupcakes to share out. Those pirate candles are still holding up!
Then, being a Monday, the kids had Art and P.E. After break we finished our felt Easter chicks...well they're not perfect but they're 100% made by little hands.  

That finished, here's a group photo of the fantastic 3.2 children holding up their cards and felt 

And here's an all-talking-moving photo. 

Happy Easter, wishing you lots and lots of blessings!

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