Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Cards

So around two weeks ago, I pasted a note in the children's diaries for the parents, to send a blank card (or two), a stamp (or two) and the addresses to whom these cards were to be sent. Since this month we learnt how to write letters and emails, I wanted them to learn also how to write the address on the envelope and where to put the stamp...and physically see where the letter goes. In this day and age, with all the marvellous technology we have around us, hand written letters are rare, and a lot of children didn't know how to write addresses on an envelope. Sign of the times. So today, we had a fun lesson writing those envelopes, licking the yummy (or yucky for some) stamps. When the activity was over, we walked down to the post office and posted our Christmas cards, all neatly written, with hearts and kisses tucked in before the envelopes were licked and sealed. I do hope they get to their destination on time, we've been mighty busy of late. 
Here are some photos of my cuties at the Post Office.

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