Friday, October 5, 2012

More skills on our Intel Classmate netbooks

Here we learn more skills on the Intel Classmate. Today we get the hang of the flip-monitor and the pen, thus using the netbook as a tablet to draw. We also learn a bit more about saving our work, and about sizing our font. Language skill : Choosing one's 'likes' and finding the word from a big word list on Way Ahead, using the ABC (alphabetical order) skills we learnt this week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our first ICT lesson. (a big YAY!)

So today we met our Intel Classmates for the first time. We had an hour's lesson and in it we learnt a few basic skills such as:
Logging on the computer
Using the start button to find the right program
Opening the programme (we used 2Publish+ from 2Simple Software)
Using the camera to take a photo
Writing using the keyboard, use of shift key and space bar
Saving our work as 2pp and .png on our usb drives
Here are my beautiful children. There are a few missing, these will be uploaded tomorrow. Thanks for watching, glad our first lesson went well.

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