Friday, May 17, 2013



This is our horse. Her name is Lily. It belongs to my uncle. She is a girl horse. I go with my grandma to see her. Once I rode her with my uncle. I love her very much.                                                                                 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer holiday

  • This is were i am going in summer for my holiday at the radisson

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Of Chocolate and Travels.

This week we read a book called 'From a Bean to a Bar'. It is about how chocolate is made.
We had a chocolate fondue in class

Then we proceeded with learning about Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance. A chocolate bar that has the logos of Fair Trade and The Rainforest Alliance is more ethical than other bars.
 This week we were learning about holidays and postcards, so by *sheer coincidence* we found a Golden Ticket in a chocolate bar. This Golden Ticket gave us a free plane ride to anywhere in the world. We went to China, Australia, Jamaica ...see for yourselves in the posts below. I just wish some children didn't disrupt so much, so that we can have more fun learning interesting stuff like this everyday.

Mariah went to Paris

Matthias went to Canada

Mattea goes to London

Khayr goes to Singapore

Rayhan from Australia

Yasmin writes from Canada

Kurt goes to Brasil

Ranya from Paris!

Kieran goes to Italy

Aidan goes to Pisa

Shanaia in Australia

Iona went to Jamaica

Ahmad visits family in Lebanon

Shellion went to China too

Jurgen went to China

London lions

Artists and sculptors love depicting lions because they are so beautiful. A man called Edwin Landseer made these bronze statues of lions for Trafalgar Square in London. Millions of years ago, during the Ice Age, real lions lived at just this spot! That was long before the city was built.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Look at me

Lions are like pet cats but much, much bigger.
An adult lion is tall as you and a lot stronger -it could kill you with one swipe of its paw! In the wild the lion hunts other animals for food. To catch them,it has to run very fast. It can run at 60 kilometres an hour - that's about the average speed of a car. But it can't keep up this speed for very long.

Monday, May 13, 2013

For my mum

Here is a picture I made for my mummy. Happy Mother's day!

For my mummy

My mummy's name is Elaine and I love her because she is beautiful and gives me a lot of kisses.

For mummy for mother's day

I love my mummy for my mummy this is a picture I made for her.
And here is something I wrote with the netbook

For my mummy

This is for my mummy Josephine. She is the best mum in the world and takes great care of all the family.

for my mummy

Jien inħobb lil mami għax toħroġna u tixtrilna l-affarjiet

For my mother by Khayr

 My mother is sweet I think she is made of very sweet honey. She is also smells good maybe she is made of roses.
Here is something I did just for mum.

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