Friday, May 22, 2009

Oxford Reading Tree

We have been given access to this website, which has a lot of English exercises, stories and games. The children have the username and password written in their diaries, if you can't find it for any reason, kindly send me an email and I will email it back to you.

site address is :
The Big Bell outing.

We had so much fun on this day! I encourage everybody who gets a chance to go to the Basilica bell tower, to do so, it's a marvellous experience. Our church has beautiful architecture, and one can appreciate the hard work of our forefathers at a time when machinery and technology was not as developed as today, if not non-existant.

Many thanks to Nathan's mum for arranging the outing. Thanks also to the mothers of Xylon, Aldair, Nevise, Naiomi and well as Kryssa's nanna for helping us out.

Here is a video we made for the day (the IT project, which will be shown to all the schools of Malta)

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