Monday, May 25, 2009

The Life Cycle of the Butterfly.

Today we did the life cycle of the butterfly and I showed the children these two videos, I skipped the first 30 seconds from the first one in class, but you can decide whether to show the first 30 seconds to your children (it shows two butterflies mating, nothing out of this world, but would have been hard for me to explain, as it's not a one to one situation).

As for the rest, they were mesmerised....

And this one....

Maths Homework

Pages 49 and 49 B of the PhotoCopyMasters (PCM)

doubles and halves.

Page 49 is the doubling machine.

Children need to find either the double or the half of the numbers, accordingly.

Page 49B children have to find doubles, sometimes of big numbers. They have the 'how to' notes on the Maths Study.

ex : Double 35

split into tens and units.

double 30 and double 5

60 + 10 = 70.

Most children know the doubles by rote anyway.

English Homework

We are now closing up chapter 1 7, Tomorrow we start chapter 18. I can't believe the year is almost over.

Green Book Homework.

Page 50 D
Page 51 G
Page 52 H and I

Il-Kelb tal-Fenek.

Dawn huma l-mistoqsijiet tat-taħriġ għal-lum.

Aqra Denfil p 90 - 92

1. X'jisimha l-istorja u min kitibha?

2. X'jisimhom it-tfal?

3. Ma min kienu? Fejn?

4. Għala t-tifel ħaseb li l-kelb kien bil-ġuħ?

5. Iddiskrivi l-kelb :

a) il-kulur tiegħu
b) geddumu
c) widnejh
d) il-pil
e) denbu
f) saqajh

6) Għala jintuża dan il-kelb?

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