Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The weather report

I am going to show you this weather report

This is a weather report

And here is the weather

Just like Titanic

this is my squrrel

Funny Animals

Today I am going to show you something funny. It is a funny squirrel.
Thank you for watching this.

My funny sheep

Funny Animals

I am going to show you a picture that we did today it will make you laugh because it is very funny.

Happy animals by Khayr

This is somthing I did on 2 publish+. It is like a comic but with real funny animals.

Cute Kitty

My cute bunny

Way Ahead Unit 13 : The Weather.

For this unit, I would like children to produce their own Weather Report on, using 2Publish Extra. Don't forget to save online and to put your picture on the blog, you have to Export. Here is my example...let's be creative!  
You can check out these websites for the real weather reports

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Funny animals.

 Many animals are funny
and some are a bit crazy.
Watch this video and see how funny they are.
In this video there is a cat going under the door,  a dog walking on the monkey bars in a playground and a kitten climing the stairs too.
This video makes me happy when I am sad.

Chewing Gum.

How would you like it if you had ten of these in front of your face all day? Not actually paying any attention or bothering about what you are saying but just going like this. (scroll down for the beautiful .gif)
 Repeatedly. Even after you told them to throw that darned thing in the bin.
As from tomorrow, till the day I die, chewing gum is prohibited and only allowed when I expressely say so. It's  bad manners to chew with your mouth open too, most of you know this or have learnt it recently.
Kind thanks.
Sorry for the gross cartoon, but that's what my class looked like today. Multiply it by six or ten.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Grandmother's Birthday

Today was my grandmother's 80th birthday. It was a wonderful sunny day so the family met on my aunty's roof garden for lunch. The family was hiding to give my nanna a surprise.  Her mouth fell wide open when she saw us! We played with my aunty's dog. He was named Wallace.
He was chasing me and my sister. Wallace is a kind dog to all people.
I love him like he was mine. My favourite food today was the cupcakes with ice-cream at the end.

I love my nanna.

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