Monday, March 8, 2010

BIG CAT books.

In your bag you will find a different book each day...You also have a card where you will write the title of the book. I will ask you to read me a bit of the book or I'll ask you a question about it.

I do hope you will enjoy these books. Don't worry if the book I give you is a bit too easy, all I want for you is to get new ideas and enjoy reading. :)

Jacket Potatoes!

As you all know, last Friday we had a cooking session.

Here are some photos. The children are jacket potato experts now...Get them cooking at home. It's fun and it's very healthy too.

Kylie loves tuna jacket potatoes!

Aimee enjoying hers with yummy cheese!

All gone!!

No more please!! We're full!! :)

Il-Parabboli ta' Sidna Ġesu' Kristu.

Illum tgħallimna fuq il-Parabboli. Dawn huma stejjer qosra li kien juża Ġesu' biex jgħallem.

Tistgħu taraw il-Parabboli fuq l-Internet ukoll.

It-tieni parti

It-tielet parti

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