Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today's ICT lesson.

So, as you know, each child in our class has her own email address.

Today we tossed all our emails in a hat, and each child pulled out an e-mail address.

They had to send e-mails to each other, and some of them sent e-mails home as well...so I hope you're all opening your e-mail programs and replying...should be fun.

Here's how the children access their e-mail accounts.

  • Open the http://www.skola.gov.mt/ website.

  • Go on the webmail tab on top (where you can see the red postbox)

  • In the box where @skola.gov.mt put your username...so now you have username@skola.gov.mt

  • In the box next to it, put in your password.

  • (*make sure you know your child's password, so you can keep tabs on their internet activity*)

  • Click enter

Compose your email.

Children know the internet safety rules.

The most important things to remember are these

  1. Always keep your password secret.

  2. Always ask permission before using the internet.

  3. Go on sites approved by your teacher and your parents.

  4. Never open emails or send emails to people you don't know.

  5. If you feel uncomfortable with any site, please close it immediately.

And to all parents out there....never leave your children alone while surfing the net. The net is the big world out there, there are all sorts of dangers, as well as educational and fun stuff. We should not keep them away from the world, but we must walk beside them to make sure they stay safe.


xxx Miss Claudine.

A small break...

Sorry for not posting lately...
half days haven't given me much time to go direct from the classroom. In the meantime...stay tuned .....

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