Friday, April 12, 2013

Class Discussion : 'For the Birds' by Pixar

Yesterday we watched this short in class. We agreed that it has many messages. 
Can you tell me what you think in the comments below? 
Thankyou, Miss Claudine

Thursday, April 11, 2013


This is me Matthias Camilleri. I love playing on the computer. My best friends are Khayr, Rayhan, Jaden and Ahmed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One Direction

Hello Miss. Din l-istampa hi ta' Harry Styles tal-One Direction. L-aktar diska li nħobb hi What Makes You Beautiful. 

Today's lesson and a bit more - Note from Miss UPDATED

Edit and update: I have deleted some posts, because I like children to evaluate what they post. If you are not sure of 99% of your spelling, hit save not publish. We can sort it out later. Thanks.
2. Here are the year 4 half yearly past papers. For your future reference. 

As you can see from the posts after this one, today the children wrote about Spring. 

There's a great Spring theme on, which the children can use at home, but we used a software based programme called 2Simple. The pupils today had to design their own Spring themed border and draw their own picture. They also had the task of choosing an appropriate font, a new one they've never used before. They also had to remember to save on their pendrives, in two formats, one of them being .png, which allows it to be showed to the rest of the world. We have plenty of writing prompts in the class, and they had to find out the right spelling. Of course, some spelling is bound to come out all wrong (surprise surprise) but for the time being, I'm cutting them some slack, as there are a lot of new skills they have learnt in a short time. 
So basically, that is why I have asked all of you to do a separate gmail account and give the password and email to your children. As with all things ICT, monitor their activity at home . Their activity on this blog is well-monitored by myself. 
A lot of children are writing daily, some of them are posting their short texts here. I'm very happy with the work they've done so far. 
I would like to thank the parents who have taken time and interest to post comments under their children's work. I know life's busy, so I appreciate your input even more. It means a lot to your children and motivates them to work harder and give their best. 

Thanks, MissC

P.S There's a note in the diary that asks children to study their X2 X3 X4 multiplication tables. There's a test coming up. We do revise these daily in class, but a lot of children need a push from home. I am not 100% satisfied with the fluency and knowledge of the tables  of some of them (unfortunately, it has to be done by rote, but it can be done through song and games-as we do in class). 
P.P.S AND V.IMP : Use They are fun exercises. They will help you with your tables. Anybody taking up the Educationcity challenge? Will remind you again tomorrow. 

Spring Mariah

Spring by Kieran

Add caption

Spring by Ahmad

Spring by Kurt


Spring by Rayhan

Spring by Jurgen

Spring by Massimo

Spring by Ranya

Spring by Matthias

Spring by Khayr

Spring by Angela

Spring by Mattia

Hello I'm Jurgen Vella

My name is Jurgen Vella and I am in year 3.1.
I like to play Club Penguin too. It is a cute game.
I also like drawing cartoons. It is my favourite hobby.

L-Isbaħ Rigal

Din hi jiena inkanta d-diska tiegħi. Id-diska jisimha l-isbaħ rigal. L-isbaħ rigal hi t-tbissima li nagħtu lil xulxin.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My pufflings

This is my red puffling of Club Penguin. I play games with it. I play surfing with it on Club Penguin. When he needs to eat I go to my igloo and feed him. This is a picture of him.

This is my blue puffling of Club Penguin. I don't play with him a lot. When my blue puffling needs a bath or something to eat I bring him to the puffle hotel to feed him and give him a bath. This is a picture of him.

Today's Journal

Today we saw this video in class. Then we sat down and wrote some thing in our journal. 

Here are Kieran, Kurt and Ranya reading their journal. This is time consuming, so I will upload different children each time. Thankyou.

Monday, April 8, 2013

From Angela

Hello my name is Angela Bezzina and I live in Birkirkara. I am eight years old. My favourite movie is Barbie Mermadia.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Leaving a comment would be a nice thing.

Just  saying. 

My first post

My favourite game is club penguin.I play it every day on the computer.I am an EPF agent.I have a new spy phone on club penguin.. There is also an EPF agent spy room.This is a picture of an EPF spy phone and agent.

Easter Eggs

On Easter Sunday I got three Easter eggs.

MY pet

My favorite pet is a hamster.

birkirkara vs metalurg skopje
Birkirkara vs Metalurg Skopje

My boat

once i went on a boat with my mum and we went to blue grotto.

my favorite game

my  favorite game is the tablet and on my tablet i have alot of games on it.  My favorite game on the tablet is minecraft.

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