Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Do not bottle up!

Imagine you are a bottle of cola

Whenever something annoying or bad happens to you,  you are given a shake. 

A friend stops speaking to me - Shake!

I forget to put on my PE kit this morning - Shake!

My grandmother is very sick - Shake!

My dad wants to give our pet dog away - Shake!

I left my homework copybooks at home - Shake!

Dinner is the food I don't like most - Shake!

I accidentally spill a glass of milk on my favourite football t-shirt! - Shake!

The next day, my best friend accidentally hits me. 

BOOM! Explosion!

I scream, yell and cry. 

It was the last straw. 

The bottle of cola exploded. 

That is what usually happens when we bottle up. 

How not to explode? Well, you have to do things to make the bubbles go down after each shake. 

Talk to someone, write about it, do things that calm you down or make you feel happy, fix the problem if you can. 

Whatever you do, do not bottle up. 

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