Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to School...and we are 3.1 :)

Welcome to all my new pupils, my new LSA and all the parents. It's going to be a fun year.
Today I met all the children for the first time and WOW! aren't they just the sweetest bunch ever!
Kindly visit this blog as often as you can because in it you will find information about what we do during the school day, homeworks and other curious things that happens in class.

So...what did we do today?

Picking up the copybooks took us a good hour, children were very efficient. Many of them took the role of the group leader to collect the proper copybooks at the right time. It was fun seeing the group dynamics and their characters showing. Soon enough I knew who was quiet, who was talkative, who was bossy, who was helpful, the feisty, the kind, the dreamy.

Then we had a little Maths session. We did numbers up to hundred. Some children have beautiful handwriting. Then we moved on to discussing rules for our class. This session was done in English. We decided that during this school year we must listen, be friends with everybody, respect our school environment, wear our uniform properly and above all, work hard. I told the children that if they promise me that they'll work hard, the fun will be greater. Hard workers are happier because they have no worries about missed homeworks and other horrible things :)

We had a Maltese reading session from Senduq Kuluri. It was a lovely story about Sara, who decides to decorate her mum's bedroom walls (and her face) with lipstick. Homework was given as a fill-in the blanks exercise on this story.

I noticed that some children had difficulty with writing on the red and blue lines, so I decided that the next session would be a handwriting one.

We did some work on ActivInspire (that's my whiteboard software) about Vowels and Consonants (Maltese) and wrote on a couple of pages from Stilel 3.

Time surely flew by quick...Tomorrow I shall open a new tab to inform you what we are doing this week and I will update the homework tab too.

Thankyou for sending all the copybooks to school, that surely has helped me a lot.

I have sent a paper inside the folder to inform you about my email in case you have any queries.

Tomorrow will be another day filled with fun and hard work. I can't wait to see the children again.

XX Miss C.

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