Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today's flipchart (ActivInspire by Promethean)

Before I start, here's a good site for you parents. You can look up different flipcharts and download them, to be used as revision by your children. You have to register of course.

What we did today : How to do a simple flipchart.

1) Take a photo using your webcam.
2) Open ActivInspire
3) Insert - Media -  Documents - Webcam media - Capture
4) Click on your desired photo
5) The photo is now inserted in your flipchart. Click on it. You can drag one of the circles on the corner to adjust the size.
6) Click on the big T, and type away! Play around with your buttons and add shapes, change colours and fonts.
7) Send your work to your teacher the next day (we'll use mythware for this)
8) Coolness!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Big Cat books.

As from today, your child will have a Big Cat book in his/her school bag. Make sure you read it together. Let the child read, and when they meet a word they can't manage, read it for them. This is important so as the flow of the story is not disturbed. Children need to enjoy reading. I have given them a book that's within their reading abilities. Thanks a lot.

Here's some info on the Big Cat series.

Monday, September 27, 2010


The Intel Classmate PC

Nice, isn't it?

Welcome to my class.

A new scholastic year, with lots of exciting things to do and learn! As you all know, we're using the Intel Classmate PC this year, so everything is going to be all high-tech and shiny! Stay tuned to this blog because I'll be giving you lots of links and things you can use at home.
Let's make this year the best one ever!
Miss Claudine.

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