Friday, May 31, 2013

outing to mdina

The next Olympic games (this is for my dad)

The next Olympic games will be held in Rio. Rio is the capital city of Brazil.  Brazil is in South America. This is the logo of the next Olympics.

Mattea's newspaper

Jurgen News

Mattia's newspaper

Shanaia's Newspaper

The outing to Mdina

Yesterday we went to Mdina we had lots of fun there!


Kieran News

Iona News

My news paper

My news paper

                                                     This what I did today it was so fun.

My news paper

Isaac's Newspaper

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The octopus is a big animal to she has hundreds of holes on her hand.They live in a sinked ship or a submarime or in the deep sea and small ones divers can see them and even peaple who dive.They eat fish and what they find in sea.I wish I see one in my life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

My favourite game on roblox

My favourite game on roblox is robloxity you can be people who work there are lots of jobs you can be a teacher,police,hairdresser and a thief there are much more jobs. You can also buy a car and steel other cars from diffrent people. They have guns to shoot bad people and good.

This is a picture.


My favourite game is roblox i play it every day with Matthias we can buy stuff play games we can play finding big foot super fun obby and more its so fun.


The robloks is my favorite game on the computer I play it with my friends.There you have hundreds of games and my favrite game is survive the titanic and you can buy if you are a member I wish I was a member .  


Whales are very big they eat allot of sea creatures. They eat allot because they have an enormous stomach and a huge mouth. They also have sharp teeth to kill sea creatures and eat it. Whales get there babies in March,April or May. I don't like whales so much.
This is a picture of a whale with her baby.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

About tigers

Tigers are the largest of the big cats, with huge heads and growing 2.5m long.The long tail adds almost another metre.Tigers are instantly recognizable by their stripes.But in the forest areas of southern Asia where they live,their black stripes on a gold background act as camouflage.Their chins and stomachs are white.Tigers prey on large animals such as deer,buffalo,antelopes and wild pigs, hunting mainly at night. But it takes a tiger a lot of effort to make a kill;nine out of ten times, the victim will actaly make a getaway.

This is a picture of a tiger!!

Forsi ma fhimtunix

Tlabt li ma jiġux stikers l-iskola. 
U bdew ġejjin il-cards. 
Tlabt li ma jiġux cards tal-mushi monsters, 
U bdew ġejjin pokits, lapsijiet, gomom u x'naf jien tal-mushi monsters. 
Tlabt li ma jiġux brazzuletti (għax hawn moda ġdida tal-loom bands)
U bdew jiġu l-loom bands forma ta' keychain. 
Mhux għax jien kapriċċuża u rasi iebsa, imma għax kien qed ikolli ammont sostanzjali ta' bullying fuq dan l-imbarazz li kien qed itellifli l-lezzjonijiet, barra li jkun hemm min moħħu aktar fl-affarjiet milli fil-lezzjoni. Għall-ġieħna, il-lezzjonijiet tiegħi ikunu mimlijin attivita u gost, u nagħmel ħin twil niprepara. Ma nagħmilx siegħa sħiħa kitba jew xi siegħa nparla nraqqadhom. 
Kont qed nieħu gost narahom ipartu u jaqsmu, imma meta rajt li kien hemm ġlied, inkejja u għira bla waqfien, allura iddeċidejt. 
Issa min ikompli jisfida r-regoli tal-klassi, nirriserva d-dritt li nieħu dak li mhux suppost jinġieb u ma jingħatax lura, bħalma jsir f'kull skola f'Malta. Issa nispera li kollox ċar, bla skużi. Jien hawn irrid li t-tfal jieħdu gost u jitgħallmu. Ma niġix ix-xogħol biex noqgħod inferraq u naħli TLETT KWARTI KULJUM JEW AKTAR fuq il-ġlied u paroli fil-vojt. 


(U mbarazz ieħor li jtellef jew jaqla' l-ġlied. )

Friday, May 24, 2013

How long was the hundred years war?

The hundred years' War began in 1337 and continued for more than a century. It was not a single war but a series of skirmishes between England and France. It began when the English tried to dominate France,and the French in turn tried to confiscate lands occupied by the English.
The English invaded France and won a great battle at Crecy. The British archers with their longbows defeated a much larger army of knights, marking the beginning of the end for mounted nights. Further battles followed, but in 1396 Richard II of England married the daughter of Charles VI of France, establishing a 20 year truce that finally ended the fighting

This is a picture of the hundred years war.

How did the Olympic games begin?

The Olympic games started as a religious festival held in ancient Greece in honour of Zeus, the king of the gods. The festival was held at Olympia, below Mount Olympus, the home of gods, every four years. The first staging of the Olympic game that we know of was in 776BC. People came from all over Greece to take part in or watch the games. The winners of sport such as running and discus were rewarded with crowns of olive leafs. The games continued until AD393 when the ruling Romans banned them. They were revived during the 1800s after archaeological finds renewed interest in Greece. The first of the modern Olympic games were held in 1896 in Athens, Greece. The modern Olympic games are divided into winter and summer events, which take place two years apart.

This is a picture of the Olympic flag

Thursday, May 23, 2013


This is a shark the sharks lives in deep sea . they can attack you if you bother them these are some types of sharks Mako shark, reef shark,great white shark and there are more types if you go to Australia you see them in Malta they are making  an aquarium.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Electricity is the energy that makes everything from toasters to tube trains work.It is also linked with magnetism. Together they form basic forces that holds the universe together- electromagnetism.Electricity starts with atoms and tiny parts of each atom are called electrons.Just as magnets are drawn together,so electrons are drawn to the center of the atom.This attraction is called' electric charge'.Electrons have a ' negative' charge; atomic centers a ' positive' one.It is the combined attraction of billions of tiny electrons to billions of tiny atom centers that creates electricity.
This is the church of Xewkija Gozo. In summer we go to Gozo because we have a house and we go swimming there. I love when we go to Gozo.

My Favourite Team

This is a football team. I like this team. It is AC Milan. I want that some day I will go and see them in Italy, but you need lots of money to go. So I have to watch them on TV. I always wish them good luck.

Friday, May 17, 2013



This is our horse. Her name is Lily. It belongs to my uncle. She is a girl horse. I go with my grandma to see her. Once I rode her with my uncle. I love her very much.                                                                                 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer holiday

  • This is were i am going in summer for my holiday at the radisson

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Of Chocolate and Travels.

This week we read a book called 'From a Bean to a Bar'. It is about how chocolate is made.
We had a chocolate fondue in class

Then we proceeded with learning about Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance. A chocolate bar that has the logos of Fair Trade and The Rainforest Alliance is more ethical than other bars.
 This week we were learning about holidays and postcards, so by *sheer coincidence* we found a Golden Ticket in a chocolate bar. This Golden Ticket gave us a free plane ride to anywhere in the world. We went to China, Australia, Jamaica ...see for yourselves in the posts below. I just wish some children didn't disrupt so much, so that we can have more fun learning interesting stuff like this everyday.

Mariah went to Paris

Matthias went to Canada

Mattea goes to London

Khayr goes to Singapore

Rayhan from Australia

Yasmin writes from Canada

Kurt goes to Brasil

Ranya from Paris!

Kieran goes to Italy

Aidan goes to Pisa

Shanaia in Australia

Iona went to Jamaica

Ahmad visits family in Lebanon

Shellion went to China too

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