Friday, October 8, 2010

Whirlwind Week.

It's been a great week. There's so much we've learnt!

This week we've learnt how to send emails, download files, take photos, draw posters using artrage and most importantly, how to save our work.

Today we used new software called 2Simple, with Miss Tanya. It's just awesome.

Start - All programmes - 2Simple Software - 2 Publish+ - 2 Publish+ again.
Use the postcard. Flip the postcard. Click on the camera. Take a photo. Flip again. Write about the photo. Click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Right Click the stamp. Choose a photo from your capture folder. SAVE YOUR WORK.

More info here :


  1. Thanks for posting this guys. My name is Anthonyt Evans content manager from 2Simple. I'd love to show any work that you produce on our 2Simple Blog do let me know how you get on with 2Publish+. I agree it is awesome.

  2. Will do Anthony!! :) I think on Monday my inbox is going to be chock-a-block full of children's 2Simple creations.


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